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Take control of your training

HYBAR's app tracks your workout progress and responds with real-time feedback and workout recommendations as you train


Increase your upper body mobility, overall stability, and balance.

Target and isolate different muscle groups with versatile workouts

Prevent muscle imbalances and overuse injuries

Senior & Rehab

Improve your cardiovascular health and boost your overall well-being.

Enhance your spinal health and reduce stiffness in your back muscles

Strengthen your muscles and improve your stability and sense of balance.

Advanced & Athletes

Increase your rotational power and enhance your upper body mobility.

Improve your athletic performance and strength in all overhead activities.

Enhance your balance and movement control through muscle stabilization.


Find your balance

Resistance Band

Resistance band designed for both concentric and eccentric movements

Smart Weighted Bar

Smart weighted bar with two workout modes; Strength and Performance


Attachment point securely anchors your resistance bands to the Door Anchor for safe training

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors with Bluetooth that connect your gear to the HYGEAR App for a tailored workout experience

Black End: Fixed

Securely connects your HYBAR to the carabiner

Red End: Rotating

Securely connects your HYBAR to the sensor unit

A touch of excellence

Hover over each element to experience the sleek aesthetics, and unparalleled features that define a new era in fitness.

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What’s in the box

Resistance band with sensor

Resistance bands designed for concentric and eccentric movements with 22 lbs of resistance.

Red end: rotating

Securely connects your HYBAR to the sensor unit.

Black end: fixed

Securely connects your HYBAR to the carabiner.

USB cable

USB cable designed to charge your smart gear, ensuring 60 hours of battery life when fully charged.

Door anchor

Lightweight and portable, it securely hangs on any door, providing instant setup for your workout

Object anchor

Portable, secure attachment point designed for stability, enabling a safe, versatile workout indoors & outdoors

Door hanger

A door hanger signaling a 'workout in progress' for safety

Carrying bag

Carrying bag designed to ensure easy transportation anywhere

Secure band

Secure band attaches to HYBAR's Red End for added safety

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Instant Results

Transform your workouts and deliver fast results with HYBAR’s smart personal training system.

42.5 х 13 inches
Product Weight
0.735 kg
60 hours
Smart workout gear
Output port
Micro USB
Android, iOS
16 lbs/7 kg


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