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תהנו מאימון איכותי באמצעות אימוני התנגדות כדי להשיג את התוצאות שאתם מחפשים. ה- GEAR GO הוא דרך מצוינת לבחון את הכוח ולדחוף את הגבולות. עם חיישנים חכמים שמובנים ב-GEAR GO תוכלו לעקוב אחר הביצועים שלכם דרך האפליקציה.
Color: Charcoal
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Your gateway to smart training

Smart resistance training guided by your AI Coach, responding with real-time feedback and expert-led workouts through the app


Get stronger and increase the intensity progressively as you advance

Improve total body strength, stability, flexibility, and cardiovascular health

Protect your joints with low-impact exercises & bodyweight resistance

Senior & Rehab

Customize the resistance levels to suit your individual needs and limitations

Boost your metabolism and burn fat while strengthening your muscles

Minimize stress on your joints and the risk of injury with low-impact exercises


Unlock your true strength potential

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, featuring up to 16 lbs of maximum resistance per hand or 32 lbs together in one hand.


Attachment point that securely anchors your resistance bands to the Door Anchor for safe training.


Durable rubber handles designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip for safety during your training.

Smart Sensor

Smart sensor with Bluetooth that connects your gear to the HYGEAR App for a tailored workout experience.

A touch of excellence

Hover over each element to experience the sleek aesthetics, and unparalleled features that define a new era in fitness

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What’s in the box


Resistance bands, featuring up to 16 lbs of maximum resistance per hand or 32 lbs together in one hand.

Door Anchor

Lightweight and portable, it securely hangs on any door, providing instant setup for your workout.

Object Anchor

Portable, secure attachment point designed for stability, enabling a safe, versatile workout indoors & outdoors.

USB Cable

USB cable designed to charge your smart gear, ensuring 60 hours of battery life when fully charged.

Door Hanger

A door hanger signaling a 'workout in progress' for safety.

Carrying Bag

Carrying bag designed to ensure easy transportation anywhere.

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Instant Results

GEAR GO is not just a fitness solution; it's a comprehensive and empowering lifestyle transformation.

180x180x90 mm
Product Weight
2.64lbs/0.735 kg
60 hours
Smart workout gear
Output port
Micro USB
Android, iOS
Resistance with 1 band
up to 16 lbsup to 7 kg
Resistance with 2 bands
up to 32 lbs
up to 14 kg


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