How to Return a Product

Returns are only accepted for products purchased from the Hygear website.

You must pay for the costs of return, and make sure it gets back to us.

Sealed Products in original packaging have an $11 Restocking Fee.

Opened Products have a $32 Open Box Fee.

We can refuse delivery or charge additional fees for damaged or lost returns, used products, or missing parts.


How to Request a Refund

Refunds are only valid within the first 30 days after purchase. 

All refund requests must be sent to with:

  1. Order # - found on your purchase confirmation email 
  2. Photo - clearly showing the item to be returned. 
  3. Reason for Return - 1 or 2 lines about what didn’t work for you.

You will be sent Return Shipping Instructions for approved requests. 


How to Get Your Money Back

We will send the final refund amount to your original payment source after we have confirmed your return and deducted any fees that apply.


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