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Attract and retain clientele with next-level smart fitness technology that adapts to all fitness levels

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Smart tech, stronger returns

Boost your facility’s appeal with advanced technology

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Intelligent fitness station

The HYGEAR Point of Workout, or POW, is a comprehensive fitness station with a user-friendly interface and a suite of features designed to meet every user's needs. Versatile by design, this standalone hub becomes a personal trainer when paired with GEAR GO – HYGEAR's smart resistance bands. It assists users in injury prevention, serves as an effective warm-up tool, facilitates post-workouts, cool-downs, and offers complimentary quick 10-minute workout routines.

With three anchor points—high, middle, and lower— POW becomes a complete and safe training station for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing users to target and hit every muscle.

Maximize training outcomes

Empower your customers to reach their fitness goals with the power of smart technology

Enjoy easy-to-follow workout routines tailored to each user’s fitness level

Get real-time feedback, exercise demos and workout routines

Enhance motivation with interactive leader-boards and challenges

Next-gen gym

HYGEAR's comprehensive platform serves as a one-stop solution for full-body fitness, providing a wide range of workouts to tone the upper body, sculpt the lower body, and boost overall mobility and stability.

Offer your customers the freedom to focus on their individual fitness needs. Users have the option to choose from exercises designed for all fitness levels, ensuring a balanced approach that supports cardio health, muscular strength, mobility, and core stability.


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