Do You Really Need A Full Body Workout Machine?

Do You Really Need A Full Body Workout Machine?

The plan is simple: Get to the gym six days a week, target a different body part each day (leg day, arm day, chest day, etc.), and build the toned physique you’ve always dreamed of. 

But then a little thing called “life” happens. 

Despite our best intentions, commitment to do strength work -- in addition to some heart-healthy cardio, mobility, and other athletic pursuits -- can be a big order to fill. But there’s hope: Total-body workouts.

For most people, total-body training is the way to go. Performed a few days per week, workouts that rely on complex, multi-joint movements will engage more muscle groups at once -- in addition to your core. So while perpetual bicep curls may seem like your only ticket to the gun show, chin-ups, for instance, can target the same exact muscle group while also working your abs and back. Whether your goal is to build strength, shed pounds, or become a more well-rounded athlete, increasing the complexity of your exercises can result in a much greater cardiovascular and neuromuscular challenge -- and potentially greater gains as well. 

That being said, you might be wondering what’s the deal with all these total body workout machines that seemingly took over the market with the rise of the Coronavirus. Do you really need one for a good full-body workout? 

Keep reading -- we’ll tell you. 

What Are Full Body Workout Machines? 

So here’s the deal. Exercise machines take up a whole lot of real estate on the gym floor, so unless you have some wide-open space readily available at your disposal, chances are bulky workout machines are not going to fit in your office or the spare guest room that doubles as a workout room. 

A full-body workout machine is just that -- an exercise machine. However, rather than being a machine solely for your legs or your arms, it’s a machine that has the ability to work out your entire body (think: rowing machine, cable machine, smith machine, etc.) These machines are big and undoubtedly, will take up a lot of space. 

Are There Better Options For Full Body Workouts? 

Yes! Before you sacrifice a lot of space for a super heavy full-body workout machine, have you ever considered bands? We know what you’re thinking; there’s no way simple bands can replace such a monstrous piece of exercise equipment. But we’re here to tell you they can. 

We’re not talking about the flimsy bands that you can pick up from a convenience store. For a great full-body workout, look no further than GEAR 1 from HYGEAR. What’s GEAR 1, you ask? Arguably the best resistance training system on the planet -- that’s what GEAR 1 is. 

GEAR 1 is an innovative total body workout system that replaces traditional workout equipment and personal training, saving you thousands of dollars. It’s also super portable and versatile, allowing you to work out in just about any space, indoors or out, and hit every muscle in the body. You can access on-demand exercise programs led by expert trainers to build strength, endurance, and total body fitness, all from the comfort of your very own home. Using science and technology to help you see real results, GEAR 1 is the only piece of equipment you need to get that total body workout you're after. 

And the best part? The entire system weighs less than 4 pounds and can easily be tossed in a gym bag for on-the-go workouts or tucked away under in your closet for easy storage-- what’s not to love? 

Why Do Full-Body Workouts In The First Place? 

If you’re someone who lives and breathes working out one body part at a time -- you’re missing out on some incredible benefits. Here are some of the top five reasons why you should do full-body workouts:

1. Burn More Calories in Less Time 

We all seek time efficiency in every other area of our lives -- so why not take that same approach to the gym? You burn many more calories in a given session when you perform a full-body training session as opposed to just doing a leg day or an arm day. Major muscle groups working together through compound exercises, like lunges and squats, are the secret to the perfect workout. These exercises require much more energy to move heavy training loads, coordinate movements, and provide more oxygen to working muscles than single-joint exercises. 

2. Increase Muscular Recovery Rate

Another great benefit of full-body workouts is the increased muscular recovery rates. One main reason why many people don’t see progress on their workout program is often due to the fact that they aren’t recovering from session to session

Some people can’t handle back-to-back workouts even though they aren’t working the same muscle part -- so for these individuals, full-body workouts are perfect. You’ll get at least one day off between each full-body workout, so they’ll give your muscles maximum recovery time. 

3. Maximize Workout Efficiency 

Only have 20 minutes to spare? Never fear! By focusing on the major multi-joint movements that work your entire body from head to toe, you’re stimulating the same muscles using one exercise (think: back squats) in lieu of multiple exercise machines (in this case: leg extensions, leg curls, and hip extensions). 

4. Increase Strength 

If increasing your strength is your goal, it’s crucial to perform effective movements that allow you to use the most weight. Compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and bench press variations are great full-body movements that require the most total-body effort to execute. By making these exercises the foundation of your workout routine, you'll be challenging your entire body to continuously -- and effectively -- build muscle strength. 

5. Build More Muscle 

While isolation work is essential for muscular hypertrophy, it’s not necessarily for everyone. Overzealous isolation work -- one day per week -- isn’t frequent enough for most individuals to see real gains in muscular size. While we’re all here for leg day, that doesn’t mean neglecting your lower half for the other six days in the week. With full-body training, you’re targeting any given muscle group two to three times per week for increased muscle growth. 



Bottom Line 

So, do you really need a full-body workout machine?

No -- not if you have GEAR 1 from HYGEAR

GEAR 1 is a total body workout system using the power of high quality tension to work the whole body. Simply anchor HYGEAR’s portable gym to a high, middle or low anchor point, and you can perform over 500 effective moves for full-body workouts you’ll love anytime, anywhere. Lower body? Yes. Upper body? Check. Core? You bet! 

What’s more, is that you can monitor your workout in real-time directly with the HYGEAR App. Use your data to push harder and achieve visible results in less time. 

Whether you’re looking to burn fat, build muscle, or increase stamina -- HYGEAR can get you there. Check out HYGEAR today and start reaching your fitness goals tomorrow. 


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