Empower workplace wellness

Maximize team motivation and well-being to increase performance and profit

Corporate Wellness

Bring your office environment to new heights by prioritizing health, happiness, and performance

If you can laugh together, you can work together

- Robert Orben

The power of workplace fitness

*According to a study conducted by TeamRH company

Boosts your team’s productivity by 31%

Increases the sense of belonging by 80%

Improves your team’s overall health

Reduces stress and increases motivation

Custom fit: corporate edition 

Motivate your employees to stay fit and healthy with short, in-office workouts ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. Our smart fitness solution features strength training with resistance bands and a platform that intuitively tracks and optimizes volume and intensity according to your team's fitness goals.

The program offers optional aerobic training with heart rate monitoring and step counting. All these features are easily accessible through a user-friendly app and an admin dashboard.

Shape up team spirit

Enhance team dynamics for a healthier, more motivated and productive workforce

Help your team cultivate healthy habits with workouts for all fitness levels

Encourage team bonding with fun and interactive competitions for a happier team

Reward the winners for extra engagement and motivation

Motivate through technology

HYGEAR's dashboard allows you to set fitness goals for your team, track your team's activity and monitor the overall fitness levels within your organization. Ensure consistent participation in corporate wellness programs and send targeted communications directly to your employees' apps to support them in their wellness journey.

You can reward them with points when they reach their goals to increase their commitment to a healthy lifestyle and boost workplace morale. All the features are easily accessible through a user-friendly app and an admin dashboard.


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