Portable Exercise Equipment: How To Maintain Your Routine While Traveling

Portable Exercise Equipment: How To Maintain Your Routine While Traveling

While it’s true that being on vacay is a great time to catch up with some quality rest, eat great food, and maybe overindulge juuust a little, being away from home doesn’t mean you have to give up on your exercise goals completely.

From simply packing your favorite yoga mat for a more zen-like workout to investing in smartwatches to monitor your every mile, there’s plenty of effective and highly portable exercise equipment out there for you to take with you. 

Tune out from the real world, but stay in shape with any of these great additions for exercise while you’re traveling. 

But First, What Are The Benefits Of Staying Fit While Traveling Anyway? 

Being in shape makes it so much easier to adjust to time changes, and the stress relief that comes from a good workout can also help you sleep better, too. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, being well-rested in the morning and ready to face the day is going to be important. 

Recent studies show that you can take about a week off from your fitness regimen without significant damage to your routine. However, if you can keep up the physical activity, you will feel better and perform better during your trip. 

How Travel May Affect Your Workouts 

While exploring new countries, cities, and continents is an empowering -- and fun -- way to step outside of your comfort zone, traveling also throws a wrench in your workout regimen. So before we dive into the best portable exercise equipment to help maintain your routine while traveling, let’s quickly go over a few things to consider about how travel can affect your workouts. Plus, we’ll share some effective solutions to help you power through!

If You’re Battling Jet Lag, Reduce Your Level Of Intensity.

Heading over to Europe, finally checking South America off your bucket list, or eating your way through Japan? The flight is taxing enough, but once you land on unexplored soil, figuring out the actual time can be a task all in itself. Adjusting to a new sleep schedule might mean that you’re waking up at all hours of the night or morning -- thanks to your internal clock that’s still rewiring. 

The good news is that a little bit of exercise will put you on the right track. However, the chances are slim that you will have the energy reserve to get through a challenging, cardio-heavy sweat sess. That’s why it’s a good idea to restructure your workout and listen to your body when it’s signaling that it needs rest. 

Reduce your intensity level of the workout by 30 percent to even 50 percent so that you don’t over-exhaust your body, which can create oxidative stress, impede sleep, and increase your risk of injury. In other words, a steady jog by the Thames River in London is just as impactful and enjoyable as a sprint. 

Prepare For Changes In Altitude -- And Adjust Accordingly. 

Whether you’re taking an awesome selfie with a llama at Machu Picchu or venturing to rocky regions of the great American West, it’s a really good idea to prepare before you leave for your trip. Practice higher-intensity bursts at home to mimic the oxygen deprivation that you’ll feel on a mountain. Then, a few days before you leave, reduce your intensity level by 50 percent -- this way, you can return to full-speed once you land. 

You see, it takes much more energy to exercise with less oxygen --so understand that workouts are energy expenditure. A five-mile run at 7.5 mph at home may be the equivalent energy expenditure of a three-mile run at 5.5 mph in higher altitudes. 

Another key component of altitude regulation? H2O! You need to keep yourself hydrated at higher altitudes -- and it gets more challenging the higher you go. Start by drinking around 50 percent more than you normally would. 

Warm Up Longer And Plan Ahead For Temperature Changes.

Part of the allure of vacation is escaping your current climate -- no matter if you live somewhere where it’s currently scorching or currently freezing. But there are a few pitfalls that come with temperature changes which is why it’s important to start off slow when you’re getting into your out-of-office fitness routine. 

Plan ahead for temperature changes by bringing the appropriate workout attire and staying hydrated. When you’re at your destination, warm-up a little longer than usual to help your body adjust to the temperature changes. 

The Best Portable Exercise Equipment 

So, what is the best portable exercise equipment to bring with you on your travels, you ask?

We’ll tell you. 

HYGEAR Gear 1 

Turn any hotel room or small space into your own personal gym with HYGEAR Gear 1. The innovative HYGEAR Gear System comes with everything that you need for a resistance workout, as well as app integration to track your workouts. Lower body? Yes. Upper body? Check. Core? You bet! 

HYGEAR’s portable gym supports over 500 effective moves for workouts you’ll love anytime, anywhere. Hit your fitness goals faster -- even on vacation -- with the expert-led programs. 

Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, or lose weight, HYGEAR can get you there

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes -- simple and effective. If you’re like most people, you already learned to use one in elementary school gym class. Bring back the good old days and throw one in your carry-on for a little heart-pumping action. They are exceedingly light, easy to stow, and all you need is a few square feet and height clearance to get a killer cardio workout. 

Exercise Mat 

When coming prepared for your workout with a quality exercise mat, you’re already one step ahead of the game. Exercise mats -- or yoga mats -- are very lightweight and usually come with a carrying strap, making them super easy to travel with. 

When using a portable exercise mat, you’re preventing your hands and feet from sliding across the floor during your workout. It’s also undeniably helpful to protect and cushion your knees throughout any movement making your exercises much more comfortable. 



Bottom Line 

Being away from home will help you to find the time to recharge and refresh. But being able to work out while you’re away will not only help to burn off some of those extra calories and keep you in shape, but it will also ensure that you’re still able to release some of those all-important endorphins that’ll help you to make the most of your time away. 

Set small daily goals and get the entire family involved! 

For the best portable exercise equipment that is super lightweight and compact, check out HYGEAR Gear 1. The versatile bands can be anchored to your bod, a door frame, or anything heavy that won’t budge, so you can bust one of HYGEAR’s on-demand workouts pretty much anywhere. 


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