How To Make Your Own Digital Gym Strategy

How To Make Your Own Digital Gym Strategy

It’s a tale as old as time. As life gets busier and much more demanding, the time we once allocated to ourselves gets cast aside. Whether it’s time to socialize, pursue hobbies, relax or exercise -- personal activities tend to be the first exchange for real-world responsibilities. For the fitness guru, this has been an increasing phenomenon. Simply finding time every week -- even at minimal intervals -- to attend a spin class or make it to the local gym is extremely challenging. 

As with any distinguished group of consumers, this has given rise to business opportunities specific to this demographic. Accordingly, a new booming world of digital exercise and fitness technology options has emerged from the shadows to try to make squeezing time for a workout as convenient as possible. The combo of wellness technology and changing public perceptions of fitness has transformed the industry. 

These new changes are pushing consumer preference to opt for digital fitness experiences more than ever before, which is creating new and exciting opportunities for the entire industry to expand and diversify. 

At the root of all these new industry changes is the growing potential of video and streaming useful content as all-inclusive digital fitness experiences that can rival traditional in-person fitness settings. 

Thinking about canceling your membership to the local gym and switching over to the digital side of fitness? Read on to learn how to make your own digital gym strategy to help keep you on track.

The At-Home Fitness Revolution 

Before the pandemic of 2020, the concept of exercising at home came with widespread skepticism. Despite the short-lived popularity of home workouts in the past (think Insanity and P90x), these programs proved to be nothing more than short-lived fads. The biggest problem with these programs lies in their inability to grow with their consumers -- once users finished the regimen, they would have to start all over again or recycle the old video content. 

While these popular at-home programs provided for personal modifications per user, they didn’t have the necessary flexible options, responsive content, and personalization to be sustainable. 

And then 2020 came along. 

2020 completely changed the world's view of at-home fitness by addressing the limitations of its predecessors. New industry players designed interactive platforms intended to grow with users. With high-tech advancements to their benefit, these digital programs earned impressive credibility for offering gym-quality workouts paired with the bonus of at-home convenience. Additionally, these programs stand out for featuring massive backlogs of strong video content as the engine of their technology, incorporating many different styles of workouts, skill levels, trainers, and more. The range and quality of their available streaming content are key to their success. 

These make their programs inclusive spaces where people of any fitness level can find a wide range of classes suiting them and their unique fitness goals. What’s more, these innovative programs rely on AI to customize every user’s fitness journey -- depending on their personal data and goals as well as exercise habits. This high degree of personalization and direct feedback is exactly what has finally put digital fitness programs on par with personal training or in-person classes. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Benefits Of Digital Fitness

Ready to test the waters of digital fitness? Here’s what you need to know. 

Work Out For Less

Most digital fitness programs are much cheaper than similar offline programs. This is due in part to lower overhead expenses and in part to the wider consumer audience and the greater opportunity to sell fitness programs to more people. 

Log In Anywhere, Anytime

As long as you have access to pre-downloaded videos or a strong wifi connection for streaming fitness videos, you can work out where you are, anytime. 

Skip The Fitness Center

If you’re a fitness newbie, you aren’t sure what type of exercise you like or feel a little intimidated when walking into a new workout environment -- digital training is an excellent reprieve from the traditional fitness center. You can test different exercise programs from the comfort of your living room, really learning the fundamentals before taking your practice into the “real world” of studios, clubs, and gyms. 

Exercise According To Your Schedule

Rather than being locked into a specific class schedule at your local gym, digital programs are almost all offered at your convenience. 

Access Limitless Opportunities And Trainers

Finally, you’re no longer required to take a class from the one Pilates instructor at your local fitness center. When you head into the digital space, you have tons of instructors at your fingertips from around the world, all ready and willing to help you master your favorite moves. The same goes for different types of exercise. Just because you don’t have a HIIT class in your area doesn’t mean you can’t go online to find a HIIT training program led by certified instructors.

Make Your Own Digital Gym Strategy 

First things first, you need to decide which digital fitness program you’d like to adopt. There are a ton of options, but we love the HYGEAR Gear 1 -- the world’s smartest portable fitness system. 

The smart gym system comes with two high-performance bands with adjusters, two ergonomic handles, two sets of ankle and wristbands, a door anchor, a carrying bag, and a getting-started guide. And the best part? The equipment includes smart sensors that hook up effortlessly to HYGEAR’s smartphone app for accurate measurement. 

It tracks essential metrics, including heart rate, calorie burn, and fat burn. It also measures the amount of resistance you’re working against, how many reps you’ve done, the amount of force you’re exerting, and how long you’ve been working out. The more data the smart device pulls from your workouts, the more biometric feedback it has to design and deliver personalized workouts to help you better reach your fitness goals.  

Once you’ve decided which digital fitness program you’d like to start, find an area in your home where you can do the workouts. With HYGEAR, you can do full-body workouts anywhere -- in your living room, garage, in the corner of your office. Gear 1 is lightweight, compact, and portable and requires very minimal space. 

Finally, put together a solid workout schedule and stick with it. Whether that is working out first thing in the morning, at lunch, or after work -- create a game plan that is easy to follow and do your best not to fall off track. 



Final Word 

Digital fitness is here to stay -- so why not give it a try?

HYGEAR makes it easier than ever to reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your very own home. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, increase your muscular endurance, or build strength, HYGEAR Gear 1 is an effective program that can get you there. 

Check out HYGEAR today and start getting results tomorrow!


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