3 Home Gym Ideas to Transform Your Space

3 Home Gym Ideas to Transform Your Space

Most people hear the words “home gym” and immediately picture some sort of basement dungeon with dusty old benches and cheapo dumbbells -- nobody wants to work out in a depressing environment like that! That’s why successful individuals design their home gym to be bright, open, and energizing. You see, a well-designed gym will not only encourage you to exercise but will also encourage you to maximize your effort once you are cranking through reps.

Are you thinking about canceling your pricey gym membership to create the gym of your dreams in your very own home? We can help. Read on for three great home gym ideas to transform your space.

But First, What Are The Benefits To Having A Home Gym Anyway?

Fitness should be simple and practical -- everything about packing a bag, hopping into the car, and fighting traffic to get to the gym is not. 

Added to the hassle of traveling somewhere just to get in a good sweat sesh are the scheduling conflicts and overcrowding issues that tend to mess up your day. Thankfully, owning a home workout system solves many of these headaches. 

A must-have for anyone serious about staying fit, a home gym is the ultimate fitness enthusiast accessory. Here are a few of the top reasons why you need one:


Life can get a little hectic. We often have to pick and choose how we spend our time based on whatever life throws at us. And is the commute to the gym really what you want to spend your precious time on? Or would it be better spent having dinner with your family, carving out some time for one of your hobbies, or getting some much-needed rest? 

With a home gym, you can kick all of those annoying time-sucks to the curb, allowing you to direct your attention to what really matters -- training and getting on with your day!


Setting up your own fitness room means creating an environment that is both private and comfortable. You're free to take your time and learn proper stances, discover how to best use equipment, and decide what routine and what pace is the right choice for your fitness needs -- and without feeling judged. 

Plus, there are no restrictions on what you wear -- or don’t wear -- during your workout either. You’re totally free to be yourself. You can focus on getting the most from your workouts without having to make small talk or feeling embarrassed. Think about it -- how much harder will you train when you know no one is awkwardly watching?

With a home gym, you create a workout oasis that essentially separates you from the rest of the world. 


While the initial cost of building a home workout system can be a little high, you’ll save so much money on a fitness membership in the long run. The average gym membership in the United States is somewhere around $60 a month -- and almost an unbelievable 68 percent of those memberships are unused! 

That’s not counting specialty fitness options like Pilates and CrossFit, which can be even more expensive. Fortunately, a home workout system doesn’t have to be pricey! 

Look for fitness equipment like GEAR 1 from HYGEAR -- a total workout system that replaces traditional gym equipment and a personal trainer, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars while adding portability and versatility. 


Commercial gyms can have hundreds of members, each of whom leaves their mark on just about everything they touch. Think of how many people use those kettlebells every single day. Or how many super sweaty backs rest on those floor mats. Or how many uncovered heads of oily hair smother the bench you lay on. 

The good news is that commercial gyms offer disinfectant wipes.

The bad news is that many gym-goers don’t use them.

Thankfully, you can completely minimize contact with other people’s germs by simply working out in your own home gym. Crisis averted! 

3 Ideas To Transform Your Space Into A Great Home Gym

Now that you’re totally convinced to build your own home gym, let’s dive into some great ideas to transform your space, shall we? 

Paint Your Space

A great way to make your new workout space feel clean and clear is to give it a good scrub and a fresh coat of paint. Avoid warm colors for your gym because warm-hued spaces are relaxing and can make you feel sleepy-- not exactly what you want when it comes time to exercise! The goal here is to create a bright space that energizes you. 

So, what colors are best, you ask? Stick with vibrant colors like electric green and vivid blue. Or, stick with a bright shade of white and jazz up the walls with some motivational posters for a pop of color and a daily dose of motivation.

Avoid Bulky Gym Equipment

Nothing is worse than bringing home a new piece of equipment, only to take up 95 percent of the space in your fitness room. Avoid bulky gym equipment and turn any small space into your own personal gym with GEAR 1 from HYGEAR

This innovative resistance training system comes with everything you need for an incredible resistance training workout, as well as app integration to monitor your workout in real-time. Upper body? Yes. Lower body? Check. Core? You bet!

HYGEAR’s portable workout system supports over 500 effective exercises that you’ll love anytime, anywhere. And the best part? It takes up very little space, is extremely lightweight, and is super easier to store. What’s not to love?  

Add A Full-Length Mirror

A mirror isn’t just for flexing and selfies. In fact, commercial gyms have them so you can keep your form in check, which will ultimately help to lower the risk of injury -- so it’s a good idea to have one, so you don’t pull a hammy!

But that’s not all. A mirror can also motivate you when you see yourself making progress. It gives that sense of feedback. The mirror you choose should be large enough that you can see your entire body, from head to toe, and hung prominently on a wall. 

A Final Word

Building a great home workout system doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a whole lot of construction. Whether you’re looking to create a zen place for a yoga studio or sweat it out to Beyonce using GEAR 1, there are tons of ideas for creating a workout space that will keep you fit and motivated!

Here at HYGEAR, we’re all about delivering fitness systems that respond to you to help you reach your goals. If you’re ready to take your workouts up a notch, we’ve got you covered with our innovative total body resistance training system, GEAR 1

Whether you’re looking to torch calories, build muscle, or boost endurance, GEAR 1 can get you there.

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