Fitness On Demand: The Future of Fitness

Fitness On Demand: The Future of Fitness

Before COVID-19 took the world by storm, working out at home was nothing more than a convenient option. Now, it's an essential part of the new normal. In fact, according to one recent survey of adults who exercise regularly, a whopping 87 percent of those who already or will eventually feel comfortable going back to the gym will keep at-home workouts as a part of their fitness regime-- but why? We'll tell you.

In this post, we're diving into the future of fitness to uncover some of the greatest benefits of digital fitness and how it can help you to reach your goals. So grab your cup of coffee and keep reading!

But First, What Exactly Is Fitness On Demand?

Fitness on demand is exactly how it sounds -- fitness that you can have at your beck and call or on-demand. It doesn't matter if you're on vacation, at the park, or on a date -- if you demand fitness, you'll get fitness -- but how? Does a personal trainer automatically pop up wherever you're at to instruct you on how to squat? Well, not exactly. You see, the type of fitness we're talking about is digital fitness -- fitness at your fingertips, usually through an app on your smart device. 

Digital fitness was starting to grow in popularity before the pandemic and is certainly experiencing a huge boom now. It encompasses everything from at-home workouts like GEAR 1 from HYGEAR to fitness trackers like Fitbit. 

What Are The Benefits Of Fitness On Demand?

There are a ton of incredible benefits associated with digital fitness -- hence why it's becoming so increasingly popular! 

Benefit #1: Flexibility and Convenience

While physical commercial gyms and studios have you plan your workout around them, digital fitness solutions give you the freedom to work out when you want, where you want, and with whom you want. This convenience factor, plus the fact that you're within the comfort of your very own home, is a huge advantage to fitness enthusiasts -- especially those who lead a hectic work life or anyone looking to exercise at home. 

Benefit #2: No Gym Required

Regardless of the pandemic, some people simply don't like the gym atmosphere. Digital fitness provides access to quality instructors and structured classes while allowing you to take things at your own pace. 

Gone are the days of needing to hit the gym to lock in a killer sweat sesh -- today, fitness on demand makes it easier than ever to work out. And the best part? There's no gym required.  

Benefit #3: No Stress

You're at your local gym. You want to try a new exercise, but you get the feeling that everyone is watching you. Truth be told, they're probably not, but that still doesn't get rid of the knot growing bigger and bigger in your stomach. 

With digital fitness, you can work out comfortably at home without any stress or paranoia. Even if you really want to try that new exercise, no one is there to judge you or give you some unsolicited advice -- this way, you can really take your time to learn the movement without feeling uncomfortable in front of a group of strangers. 

Benefit #4: Germs Aren't A Concern

A good workout involves sweat -- and sweat doesn't exactly stay between the lines. It drips and splatters, potentially contaminating everything in its path with germs and bacteria. If you want to exercise without catching the flu or coming down with a cold, your local gym isn't the best place to accomplish your fitness goals. 

While sweat will still be a factor when you work out on your time with digital fitness, whether that be at home, the office, or somewhere else, you'll only need to worry about your sweat. This makes it way more sanitary and less likely to gross you out. 

Benefit #5: It Limits Your Excuses

Many people fall into the trap of making excuses to work out. Fitness on demand limits those excuses. It's never too cold or rainy outside to access a workout from the comfort of your living room. When time is tight, it's easy to fit in a few minutes here and there since all you have to do is throw on your sneakers and pick a workout. There are no worries about who's watching, what you're wearing, whether a class is full, or which pieces of gym equipment are available. When you work out digitally, you're in total control. 

Benefit #6: Access To Variety

Unlike the fitness tapes of decades past, digital fitness gives you access to practically any kind of workout or training routine. Once you have the needed equipment and access, simply logging into an app allows you to try out new exercise programs on your own terms. 

Where To Find The Best Digital Work Outs 

One quick Google search will bring you hundreds of workouts you can do any time, anywhere. But for those looking to get serious about their fitness, GEAR 1 from HYGEAR is a great solution. 

What's HYGEAR GEAR 1, you ask? Only the best resistance training system on the planet! 

GEAR 1 is an innovative total workout system that pairs full-body workout equipment with an advanced app to track your performance in real time. The HYGEAR app then tweaks your workout to match your exact fitness level, so that you keep up your progress, and don’t hit that dreaded plateau.  Plus, all the workout programs are on-demand, letting you call the shots, while getting guidance from expert trainers to build endurance, strength and total body fitness from the comfort of your very own home.  

Using science and technology to help you see real results, HYGEAR is truly something special. You can target the lower body, upper body, and core with GEAR 1 for full-body workouts to achieve any fitness goal. And the best part? This incredible total workout system is extremely lightweight, so you can toss it in your bag for workouts on the go. Never miss a workout, no matter where life takes you. 

A Final Word 

Ready to join the world in the future of fitness? HYGEAR offers a wide variety of on-demand workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime. With state-of-the-art sensor technology, GEAR 1 combines accelerometer reading with an analysis of your workout performance including irep count, speed, pace, weight resistance,  calorie burn, and other critical measurements to track your exercise progress. This real-time tracking and intelligence will help you to achieve your goals much faster, with personalized and escalating workouts. 

Who says you need an expensive gym membership to get in shape? With HYGEAR, you'll burn calories, build muscle, shed fat, boost endurance, and improve your body composition -- all from the comfort of your living room. 

Check out HYGEAR today and start reaching your fitness goals tomorrow. 


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