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HYGEAR Science

Performance Sensors inside HYGEAR equipment collect data for your AI Coach. The recommendation engine leverages real-time performance data and feedback to deliver insights and personalized workout routines. Offering a variety of training modes and over 10 parameters for tailored activities, our tech ensures users can track progress in calories, weight, power, speed, and more, creating a science-backed, results-driven fitness journey.

This is how HYGEAR personalizes your workout

You work out, we keep score

The HYGEAR Score calculates your actual workout performance and awarding points based on 10+ parameters, including your reps, total training time, speed, weight, calorie burn, resistance applied, and more for every session you complete. The HYGEAR app provides comprehensive fitness experience with different training modes for individuals at all fitness levels.

Level up with workouts tailored to you

HYGEAR’s recommendation engine will build the perfect exercise routines for you based on your real-time workout performance. As you improve, your interactive coach will adjust the volume and intensity, ensuring you are moving towards your goals. You'll be motivated to push yourself harder and achieve better results every time you complete a workout.

Track your progress, reach your goals

Nothing beats that feeling of seeing how far you've come. Your progress goes way further than what you see in the mirror. Know exactly how much you've improved by monitoring your progress through the app. Measure your symmetry and strength in three key areas: upper body, lower body, and core.

Fitness is about what comes next

More than 50 fitness trainers and experts, led by Dr. Paul Juris, built the algorithm that powers your AI Coach. Unlike other data trackers or smart fitness equipment, HYGEAR calculates how much work you’re actually doing and responds with appropriate targets.

Dr. Paul Juris

Director of Player Performance, Dallas Mavericks Director, Equinox Fitness Training Institute Chief Science Officer, Cybex International

HYGEAR as a manufacturer:

Shaping tomorrow, innovation in action

HYGEAR's R&D has developed a unified infrastructure for all products, optimizing production costs. Our main features include robust BLE connectivity, prolonged battery life, and advanced motion tracking IMU sensors. Our R&D assets range from textile plans to electronic schematics, with state-of-the-art testing and calibrating machines ensuring top-notch quality and performance in every piece of equipment we create. Our R&D continues to innovate and refine our products, ensuring that HYGEAR remains at the forefront of the smart fitness revolution.

HYGEAR as a manufacturer:

Quality in every stitch

Selection and quality control of premium materials.

HYGEAR as a manufacturer:

Patented tech

Development of proprietary technology with registered and pending patents and trademarks.

HYGEAR as a manufacturer:

Precision engineering

Tailor-made machines and software for automated calibration and test process for fast and reliable production.

HYGEAR as a manufacturer:

Operational excellence

Quality assurance with in-line and pre-shipment inspections.

HYGEAR as a manufacturer:

Future-focused control

End-to-end oversight for continuous local management and process optimization.

One interconnected ecosystem

End user

HYGEAR equipment + App

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The new era of fitness

The HYGEAR Studio

Welcome to the future of fitness with the first connected functional training studio. Featuring a central display and 14 individual screens, it offers real-time group performance tracking. Experience the smart era of fitness with leaderboards that showcase reps, weight, effort, and more.