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Level up your workouts and reach your goals with the power of real-time feedback.

Improve your cardio health, lose weight, and build full-body strength, all in one

Who said cardio had to be boring? Let's make your cardio workouts fun again.

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All of the accessories for Gear 1 (anchors, handles, cuffs) give me so many fitness options. Love it!

Megan M.
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It’s like the Gear 1 knows me. It tells me what to train, and when, which is perfect for my home workouts.

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As an MMA fighter I need dynamic training to get faster, stronger, better. Hyfit shows me exactly how to do that.

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It tracks your progress, so it’s like having a personal trainer with you there the whole time.

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My strength and flexibility are better after just 3 weeks of challenging and fun workouts

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Get the results you want by training smarter, not harder

Get handpicked workouts matched to your fitness goals. HYGEAR personalizes your workouts with AI technology so that you get the most out of your workouts.

Burn more calories than you ever imagined

“Just 10 minutes of jumping rope is as efficient of a cardio workout as 30 minutes of running.”

John A. Baker, Arizona State University (2013 Study)
  • 1074Jumping Rope
  • 800Rowing
  • 700Cycling
  • 600Jogging
  • 550Swimming
  • 300Walking

Discover how
HYROPE works

Get Connected

Pair your HYROPE with the HYGEAR app to track your workouts in real-time.

Choose Your Workout

Explore our workout library full of fun and energizing sessions. Improve your cardio health and build full-body strength, all in one workout.

Watch your progress,
reach your goals

Nothing beats that feeling of seeing how far you've come. Your progress goes way further than what you see in the mirror. Know exactly how much you've improved by monitoring your progress within the app.

Access hundreds of workouts that will help you reach your fitness goals, fast

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Hit full body and core together in less than 20 minutes. Shorter rest times will challenge you throughout each interval.

Grab your HYROPE and get your heart rate up with this block workout.

Circuit workout designed to get you moving and your heart rate up.

This workout will have you quick on your feet as interval times decrease as you move through the circuit. Complete two times to get a great cardio workout in.

Ladder style superset workout composed of Hyrope drills and bodyweight exercises for a full body burn. Hit every muscle in your body as interval times increase.

Increase your calorie burn and target your lower body with this Hyrope circuit workout.

Superset rope workout designed to get you moving and burning calories.

Get moving and improve your rope skills with this tabata workout.

Burn calories and practice your jump skills in less than 10 minutes.

Portable workouts,
proven results

Greater calorie-burn
Improved coordination
Increased energy
Enhanced endurance
Improved heart health
Better mood
Improved sleep


All the familiar features of a jump rope, but now even more connected than ever.


All the familiar features of a jump rope, but now even more connected than ever.

Rose Smoke

All the familiar features of a jump rope, but now even more connected than ever.


All the familiar features of a jump rope, but now even more connected than ever.

Meet your trainers

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As a HYGEAR Member, you get:

  • Workouts that evolve as you progress

  • Real-time feedback to track your workout effectiveness

  • Access to new classes and programs led by experts, released every month

  • Challenges to keep you motivated during your fitness journey

  • Workout statistics to visualize your progress over time

Built for you,
backed by science

Get the complete home fitness experience with a data-driven personalized app, hundreds of guided workouts, and a global community.

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