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Properties with a home gym book 20% more than properties without a home gym. Drive up your rental revenue and offer guests a chance to improve their fitness goals in the comfort of their rental.

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Easy setup for guests to use

Offering an at home gym without the bulky equipment. Perfect for any host looking to maximize their space.

What Hosts Have to Say

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Caitlyn S.

The GEAR 1 has been a game changer for my reviews, as a host I want my guests to enjoy their experience and adding in the GEAR 1 has allowed my guests experience to improve.

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Anthony B.

I ordered the GEAR 1 and it was just what I was looking for to improve my in house amenities. It is the perfect at home gym setup and my guests loved it. I tried this workout before my guests did and I definitely felt the burn! I am very pleased with the quality of the equipment and how effective the in app workouts were. I am looking forward to purchasing more products from HYGEAR!

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Jackson M.

The GEAR GO is perfect for my guests and I personally love the idea of an at home gym without the bulky gym set up, the app allows guests to stay on track with their workouts and progress.

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Julio V.

My guests loved the GEAR GO and so did I! The best part was the connection of the GEAR GO and the app. There were so many workouts for guests to choose from. It really made it feel like the trainer was in the room with you.

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David S.

When I ordered the HYROPE for my vacation rental I was not expecting to get the results I did from my customers. They loved the in app experience and a fun workout activity on their vacation and I even loved using it. I definitely recommend getting a HYROPE!

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Jasmine W.

My reviews have gone up since I’ve added the HYROPE to my rental. My guests love it and I enjoy encouraging them to stay on track with their fitness goals when they are away from home.

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Joseph K.

I tried the HYBAR before I put it in my rental and I loved the different workouts and how simple it was to set up. I got a full body workout in as little as 15 minutes. When I added it into my rental my guests loved the added amenity and my ratings went up significantly. I definitely recommend adding in the HYBAR for any host looking to improve their customers' experience!

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Bradley R.

I ordered the HYBAR and I loved the quality for the price! The app was an easy set up and I was able to add in an at home fitness gym to my vacation rental which has helped me get more views on my rental.

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Regina S.

I ordered the HYROPE and GEAR 1 and I was not only impressed with the quality but how effective it improved my reviews and ratings. The combo of the HYROPE and GEAR 1 allowed my guests to get a cardio and strength training workout plus the app had hundreds of workouts to choose from!

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The cardio host

Guests will enjoy this high intensity cardio workout, and get real time feedback on their performance.



The strengthen host

Your guests will enjoy strengthening their entire body and build muscle throughout their entire body.



The sculpting host

This workout focuses on tightening and toning. Perfect for guests looking to have a gym workout without the bulky equipment.



The full fitness host

Improve your ratings and allow your guests to achieve their fullest potential and strengthen their fitness journey.


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State of the art technology

Increase overall ratings

Improve your guests experience

Encourage guests to stay in shape on vacation

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