Government & security forces

HYGEAR promote a strong physical and mental health for people in security forces.


Real-time engagement data

HYGEAR presents an opportunity to create a difference by promoting wellness and fitness on a whole new level. A simple 15 minute workout can allow people to focus on their own mental and fitness journey.


  • More productive on duty
  • Reduces stress that these jobs can cause on workers
  • Managers and chiefs can track real time data for their team and allow a friendly + healthy competitive fitness environment
  • Allow growth for employees fitness journey and get your team in the best shape possible to serve the community

Corporate plans

Packages can be adjusted according to the customer's needs

App & POW*

$3 /person/month 1-year commitment
  • More then 100 GEAR GO workouts
  • HR dashboard
  • Calorie Counting and Nutrition Tracking
  • Integrated Rewards System
  • Competitions platform

* one-time payment

App Rope

$5 /person/month 1-year commitment

All the benefits of App & POW plan, plus:

  • HYROPE Smart Skipping Rope
  • Workouts of HYROPE
  • Additional Competitions

App Watch

$8 /person/month 1-year commitment

All the benefits of App Watch plan, plus:

  • HYGEAR Smart Watch
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Step counter
  • Additional competitions


$10/person 1-year commitment

Get all the benefits of our App & POW plan, plus GEAR GO per employee

  • GEAR GO: $10 per month/employee


  • 10% off for plans with 200+ employees
  • 15% off for plans with 1,000+ employees OR two-year contract
  • 25% off for plans with 10,000+ employees OR three-year contract
  • 50% payment in advance

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