Gear 1 V2

Find your true strength with the complete reistance training fitness studio.
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Your best self starts with Gear 1.
Earn the confidence you've been searching for with your personalized smart home gym and resistance trainer. Gear 1's Intelligent sensors and training technology create workouts that will transform your body faster than ever before.

The Magic of GEAR 1

Reset your health by committing to your goals. Whether you want to build strength, lose fat, or level up athletic performance, your Hygear coach has the perfect workout for you.
Build strength faster than ever with Gear 1. From your first workout, the Gear 1 sensors gauge your upper, lower, and core body strength to suggest the perfect resistance levels to guarantee your best sweat, every time.
Wherever you are, Hygear’s coaches are there to give you the workouts you crave, with a growing workout library full of energizing strength, yoga, mobility, cardio workouts and more.
Progress shouldn’t plateau. The Gear 1 sensors assess your power, range of motion, calories burned, and more to ensure every rep is pushing towards your goals.
The GEAR 1 Sensors:
Analyzing every rep to gauge your strength in real-time to suggest the perfect weight.
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HYGEAR members get real results.

Join the 20,000+ other Hygear members who also trust in the best training solution to find their true strength.
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Meet your world class trainers.

Renowned expertise, right in your home. Hygear coaches specialize in strength training, HITT, yoga, mobility, prenatal, agility and more. Find the perfect workout for any mood.

Unlock your potential

Commit to the lifestyle you deserve for only 33¢ a day. The Hygear membership is the ultimate tool to maximize your goals, and find your true strength:
Responsive training feedback to maximize your performance and prevent injury.
Engaging workout library, with new content added every month.
Evolving workouts that progress with you as you get stronger.

Responsive training feedback to maximize your performance and prevent injury.

Engaging workout library, with new content added every month.

Motivating challenges and achievements that expand your limits.

Your training experience deserves to be personal

Gear 1 makes resistance training simple
Full Body Workouts
Your goals need a plan. Hygear’s specialized workouts are designed to put every muscle to the test.
Your On-Demand Personal Trainer
No two movements are the same. Push your limits down to the single lb with tailored resistance and workout suggestions.
One Size Fits All
Ditch the dumbbells. Adjustable for a perfect fit and providing up to 44 lbs of resistance, you’ll never have to resort to bulky equipment again.
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The Gear 1 Adjustor:
Don’t waste precious workout time with tedious setup. With GEAR GO’s lightweight, sleek design, get started in seconds - no installation required.
Don’t hit pause on your goals.
The perfect, portable travel buddy. Weighing less than your gym shoes, GEAR GO fits in any bag or any space, for any plans - your possibilities are endless.

Level up with HYGEAR today

Make every rep count with your complete GEAR GO personalized training studio.
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