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Level up your team’s productivity with HYGEAR

HYGEAR’s corporate solutions maximize your employees’ productivity, performance, and retention through innovative wellness programs and monitoring.

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Fitness. Nutrition.
Mental health.

Our multidimensional app tracks your employees’ progress with physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health and offers customized suggestions for improvement in all areas of personal wellness.

Better for employees. Better for you.

When your employees know you care, they’re more likely to work harder, stay with the company longer, and recommend you to potential employees. So, the money you spend on a HYGEAR plan ends up right back in your pocket through better work performance.

Building company culture

Ready, set, compete! Engage your team members with incentivized wellness competitions, leaderboards, and challenges.


Reward your employee for achieving goals using our scoring model. Being rewarded motivates people to do more and, more importantly, proves your intention to keep their wellbeing at the best medical rates.

Corporate social responsibility

There’s more to CSR than shrinking your carbon footprint. By implementing an employee wellness plan, you become instantly recognizable as a leader in ethical corporate practices.

add ons available

Create a corporate wellness center or support employee wellness at home with HYGEAR’s smart, portable equipment options.

Chose the plan that works best for your team

HYGEAR’s corporate wellness plans are scalable to any company of any size. Whether you’re looking for casual health tracking for employees or intense fitness monitoring for a security force, our corporate plans are 100% customizable.

$3 /person/month 1-year commitment
  • Dashboard
  • Equipment-Free, Bodyweight Workouts
  • Calorie Counting and Nutrition Tracking
  • Step Counter
  • Step Competitions
  • Running
  • Integrated Rewards System
$6 /person/month 1-year commitment

All the benefits of Intro, plus:

  • HYROPE Smart Skipping Rope
  • Workouts of HYROPE
  • Additional Competitions
  • HYGEAR Smart Watch
  • API for Smart Watch
$15 /person/month 1-year commitment

All the benefits of Basic, plus:

  • Content for HYROPE
  • Competitions
  • On- demand classes
  • API for watch
Custom Plan
$15–$27/month 1-year commitment

Get all the benefits of our Intro plan, plus add-ons of your choice:

  • GEAR GO: $10/person
  • HYROPE: $3/person
  • Smart Watch: $12 or $100 for 1-year commitment