Pioneering the future of smart fitness

No longer do your packed schedule and fast-paced lifestyle come at the cost of your fitness goals. We’ve been there.

Hygear was founded out of necessity—we were three childhood friends struggling to maintain our workout routines during combat service and constant travel.

When we sought a more convenient, motivating way to workout, we came up empty handed, with portable but unmotivating equipment and stationary solutions. So, with a background as natural-born problem solvers, we harnessed the scientifically-proven benefits of resistance training and cutting-edge technology in the world's first true smart resistance training system - Gear 1. Our goal?

Putting you in the driver's seat of your health and fitness—anytime and anywhere. And we’re just getting started.


More than a product— we’re on a mission.

Fitness As Foundation

We believe that fitness goals change and health journeys are constantly evolving, so we design every Hygear product to adapt with you and to you. Because in life, we can only achieve so much without a health and fitness foundation.

Innovation Above All

We believe that by positioning ourselves at the frontiers of advanced technology, there is no limit on innovation and, therefore, no limit to the solutions we can provide to help you live your healthiest, most fulfilled life.

Community At Our Core

Our focus on community starts with hearing your needs and creating solutions uniquely tailored to them. It continues with giving you a platform to stay connected with us, with each other, and share your experiences to motivate and inspire. We’re in this together.

Accessible For Everyone

Thousand-dollar price points don’t interest us. Fitness tools that make smart technology more accessible to everyone do. Hygear products can be taken anywhere, easily set up and used by anyone, no matter their fitness ability.


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