RTF: How Real-Time Feedback Is Changing How We Exercise

RTF: How Real-Time Feedback Is Changing How We Exercise

It goes without saying that the onset of Covid-19 has made drastic changes in our lives. While the world awaits the vaccine, the outbreak of the pandemic has also acted as a catalyst for various businesses -- the digital fitness industry being one of them. 

Digital fitness and its adoption of fitness enthusiasts across the globe has catapulted by at least two to three years. With masks and social distancing being part of the new norm, consumers have been pushed to check out digital fitness solutions-- even if they've been hesitant to do so in the past. 

In recent years, there’s been an undeniable surge in boutique fitness studios. These beloved studios focused on being experience centers rather than equipment-only gyms. The classes are usually led by energetic trainers who focus on providing community-driven participation for a more engaging and motivating workout experience. People would come into a fun, social, and engaging time while burning calories becomes a by-product of the activity. 

Such experiences have been pretty challenging to replicate digitally, as most online solutions are one-sided and mostly video-based. They fail to provide a similar level of engagement as in the case of their physical counterparts. Some solutions have relied on innovative AI tools to solve this issue. Recent advancements in advanced computer vision technology have helped in bringing forth solutions such as real-time feedback. 

Real-Time Feedback And How It’s Changing The World 

Real-time feedback provides users essential data points about their movements to help them better understand and unlock their true potential. This innovative technology can now benefit fitness enthusiasts in things like identifying incorrect posture to get that accurate yoga pose, see where their movements are faulting in a dance step, and understand the faults that are preventing them from perfecting the perfect squat. They can see how many reps they’ve done and how many calories they’ve burned. 

These personal metrics are now being used to employ a game-like approach to workouts. Consumers can schedule a HIIT session with Artificial Intelligence as their trainer, giving them a fully immersive experience from the comfort of their living room. 

We, as humans, are competitive by nature. This is one of the many reasons why games are so popular. Games are not something that we necessarily acquire a taste for, but something that we are wired to enjoy -- fitness is no different. Introducing gamification elements such as leaderboards, badges, competition, and levels drive up motivation amongst fitness fanatics. Gamification with interactivity can cause a paradigm shift in the entire fitness industry, encouraging more people to become better versions of themselves.

While physical fitness centers and studies have you plan your workout routine around the classes offered by the gym, digital fitness with real-time feedback provides you with the freedom to work out when you want and where you want. This convenience factor is a huge advantage to fitness fans who lead a hectic work life or anyone looking to workout at home. All these recent advancements in the digital fitness space and consumers’ willingness to adopt have cemented the fact that digital fitness solutions are here to stay. 

The Benefits of Real Time Feedback 

Imagine doing a workout where you could see in real-time exactly how many calories you’ve burned, how many reps you’ve completed, what your heart rate is, and more. Seeing these metrics as you exercise, don’t you think you would push a little harder to reach your goals? 

For example, we know that the ‘fat burning zone’ is where you’re working out at about 70-80 percent of your max heart rate. If your goal is to burn fat, real-time feedback can tell you exactly what your heart rate is so you can adjust your workout as needed to get your heart rate where it needs to be. Pretty cool, right?

According to a recent study, fifteen rugby athletes performed a strength training exercise both with and without performance feedback provided in real-time. The real-time feedback increased performance and led to higher ratings of task competitiveness, state motivation, mood, and workload.  

Real-time feedback is truly changing the way we exercise because it eliminates the unknown and keeps us totally accountable for each and every workout. It lets us know that our efforts in pushing just a little bit harder are paying off with a higher calorie burn. Or that we’ve actually just completed 20 reps when we thought we only did 17. Or that our heart rate isn’t where we want it to be. Real-time feedback puts us in total control of our workouts and is truly a game-changer to the fitness industry. 

What Is The Best Fitness System With Real-Time Feedback? 

There are a ton of great fitness systems out there, but we love HYGEAR Gear 1 -- the world’s smartest portable fitness system. The innovative system comes with a series of quality bands as well as app integration to track your workouts in real-time, removing the need for a pricey gym membership or a personal trainer.

With HYGEAR’s real-time feedback, you can track essential metrics, including fat burn and calorie burn, as well as heart rate. It also measures the amount of resistance you are working against, how many reps you have done, the amount of force you are exerting, and how long you have been working out. The more data the smart device pulls from your workouts and movements, the more biometric feedback it has to design and deliver great personalized workouts to help you better reach your unique fitness goals. 

What’s more, the app also has a library full of awesome full-body guided workouts you can do at any time, anywhere, to add new movements and variety to your daily fitness routine. Hit your goals faster with their expert-led programs on your time. Whether you want to build muscle, burn fat, or lose weight -- HYGEAR can get you there



A Final Word 

The pandemic of 2020 changed a lot of things -- exercise being one of them. Today, more and more people are working out from home, and to accommodate them, real-time feedback was created. 

Real-time feedback provides fitness enthusiasts with real-time metrics as they’re working out—essential metrics such as heart rate, fat burn, and calorie burn. Having these metrics at our fingertips benefits us in so many ways, helping us to reach our unique and specific fitness goals. 

Ready to take your workout to the next level? Check out the HYGEAR Gear 1 system that tracks your metrics in real-time. The versatile bands can be anchored to a door frame, your body, or anything heavy that won’t budge, so you can bust out one of HYGEAR’s on-demand workouts pretty much anywhere. 


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