3 Core Workouts for True Beginners

3 Core Workouts for True Beginners

Ab season is right around the corner. For some of us, it’s a time for lazy beach days spent in a bikini or a breezy shirtless run at sunrise. For others, however, it’s a time for weak dieting attempts and sad, sporadic bouts of ineffective ab exercises. The result, most likely, will be a two-pack -- if you’re lucky -- by the end of summer. 

For those of you looking to tone up but want to avoid spinning your wheels with exercises that simply don’t work -- give yourself a pat on the back because you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best core workouts for true beginners on a quest for the perfect midsection. 

But First, Why Is Having A Strong Core So Important Anyway?

Whether you realize it or not, your core helps you with many different things, from carrying groceries to walking up the stairs and everything in between. You see, your core stabilizes your body, allowing you to move in any direction as well as having proper balance. 

Here are some of the best benefits of a strong core:

  • It prevents back injuries and eliminates pain. Your core is the body’s built-in stabilizer. Most back pain and back injuries are caused by postural alignment issues or poor posture -- which happens to be the result of weak lower back muscles. That being said, a strong core is essentially your spine’s best friend!
  • It improves posture. Speaking of posture… Weak core muscles contribute to slouching. Maintaining good posture is really important because it lessens the wear and tear on your spine as well as assists in your ability to breathe deeply.
  • It helps you perform everyday functions. No matter where motion begins, it flows up and down the adjoining links of the chain -- which is your core. Inflexible or weak core muscles can greatly impair how well your legs and arms function. The ability to bend down to tie your shoes, sit in a chair, turn and look behind you, take a bath, dress yourself, or simply stand still all heavily depend on your core. 
  • It improves physical appearance. Having a toned physique isn’t -- and shouldn’t -- be the top reason for having a strong core, but it’s definitely a motivator! A firm and flexible midsection makes you look thinner, taller, stronger and is a surefire way to boost your confidence
  • It improves athletic performance. Strengthening your core makes your workout much more effective and efficient. A strong, flexible core provides stability and improves your range of motion, as well as prevents injury.  

Best Core Workouts For Beginners 

So, you just got done reading all of those incredible benefits and are ready to build a strong core. Great-- we are so excited for you! While there are so many different pieces of equipment to use to help build muscle, GEAR 1 from HYGEAR offers a great way to work the core. This innovative resistance training system is all you need to build a strong midsection -- no gym membership or expensive personal training sessions required. 

Oh, and the best part? You can use it literally anywhere. Toss the lightweight system in a gym bag for on-the-go workouts or pack it in your suitcase to get a little calorie-burn going while on your next vacation. The handles are super comfortable but sturdy, the bands are unbelievably strong and can last for years of even the most vigorous workouts, and the shackles can withstand a ton of force.

So, without further ado, here are 3 core workouts for newbies. 

Standing Pallof Hold + Reach

The standing Pallof hold + reach is an excellent exercise you can use to reinforce proper pelvic alignment and strengthen your core while in an upright position -- yup, no need to be on the floor for this exercise!

How to do it: 

Start by securing your GEAR 1 to a sturdy anchor point at chest level. Stand tall next to the anchor point, so it’s on your left side, keeping the band right at about chest height, centered in the middle of your chest, and taut when pulled straight out in front of your chest. 

With your feet at hip-width apart, push the band away from your chest with both hands, making sure to really engage your core to resist rotating towards the anchor point. Return to the starting position.

Complete 10 to 15 reps on each side. 

Banded High-Plank Row

The plank is a classic isometric exercise, yet with the addition of the band row, you can help build isometric strength during a more dynamic movement experience -- which is often more applicable to real life. 

How to do it: 

Begin by establishing a high plank with your head pointing toward the anchor point (which should be low to the ground). Line up your left shoulder with the band. With your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, tighten your lower body and keep your torso still and parallel to the ground. Hold the band in one hand, and pull it back to your shoulder without opening up your hips. Return to the starting position. 

Swap arms and perform another 10 to 15 reps. 

Kneeling Banded Crunch

The kneeling crunch with a band is a cable-crunch look-alike movement and is an excellent way to build strength and muscle to your abs without the use of weights. 

How to do it: 

For this effective movement, mount your GEAR 1 up high, using the door anchor at the top of a door frame. Kneel down facing the door and grab both ends of the band with both hands. 

Keeping your hands by the side of your head, bend down slowly, with your head going down towards the floor. With your abs engaged, slowly raise back up while still keeping your back bent slightly and hands in the same position. 

Do 10 to 15 reps. 



A Final Word 

And there you have it -- three of the best core workouts for beginners! For the best results, be sure to really focus on coordinated movements, muscle contraction, and proper spinal alignment during each exercise. Also, be sure to keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout your workout. 

Gone are the days of having to drop a pretty penny on gym memberships and personal trainers to get a killer body. With GEAR 1 from HYGEAR, you can build the sleek, sexy abs of your dreams -- all from the comfort of your very own home. 

Whether your goal is to build muscle, burn fat, or get stronger abs -- HYGEAR can get you there. 

Check out GEAR 1 today and start getting results tomorrow. 


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