Is A 6 Day Workout Split A Good Idea?

Is A 6 Day Workout Split A Good Idea?

The split system of training has been around almost as long as bodybuilding itself. Nonetheless, most fitness newbies train, or at least are taught to train, on a full-body routine three times a week, usually M-W-F. This may be okay for those learning the movements and developing an initial foundation, but it has real flaws as far as promoting muscle gains. Why? Because as you gain experience over time and begin to train with greater levels of intensity, you find the workload of a full-body routine will become a bit overwhelming, to say the least. 

In other words, you just can’t train every single part of your body with real intensity and a meaningful number of sets -- this is where a split routine comes in. This is also where it may become a little complicated, depending on your personal circumstances. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to workout splits, but the six-day workout split has received quite a bit of attention lately. What exactly is it, and is a six-day workout split a good idea? Read on to find out. 

What Is a Six-Day Workout Split?

Simply put, the six-day workout split is an advanced strength training routine, particularly designed to optimize the time spent targeting your major muscle groups each week. 

The six-day workout is designed to maximize muscle growth across your body’s most important muscle groups. It splits the week into individual training sessions, spread out over six days (yes, that’s six days of working out). The idea is to target each muscle group twice per week while also giving them two days off in between sessions to recover. 

For instance, if Monday is chest day, you will schedule a second chest training session on Thursday. However, the six-day workout split can become complicated as there are six major muscle groups that you need to target twice per week -- fitting everything into one week-long schedule is demanding enough on its own. 

With those muscle groups, there are individual muscles we have to target as well. For example, you don’t just hit your arms; you will target either your triceps or biceps. 

Here are the major muscle groups that we need to target within a six-day workout split:

  • Chest
  • Arms (triceps, biceps, and forearms)
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Abs
  • Legs (hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps)

It can be tough to plan a week-long schedule, fitting in every single muscle group twice a week. A six-day workout plan should leave enough time between each muscle workout. For instance, you don’t want to work out your arms two days back to back, but you can target biceps on Monday followed by triceps on Tuesday. 

Because of the limited time and a large number of muscle groups, you will often have to work out several different muscles on the same day. Many muscle groups complement each other nicely, and you can easily incorporate them into the same training session. 

Triceps and biceps are a great combo to workout together. You can also work out your chest and shoulders simultaneously or your legs and core muscles. 

Keep in mind that you can vary your workout schedule each week to diversify your fitness program. Don’t be scared to experiment by targeting different muscles in the same session as your training starts to see progress. 

How Effective Is A Six-Day Split? 

Six-day splits are an undeniably useful and natural bodybuilding routine, giving your entire body a thorough workout during the week. Six-day workout splits maximize your workout time and the number of training sessions you can fit into your schedule. 

They will also help you to build massive muscle mass in all of your major muscle groups. It’s the ultimate way for athletes and fitness gurus alike to ensure full coverage, although do keep in mind that you need to have an adequately tailored and well-put-together schedule for this to work. Six-day workout splits are most effective for intermediate and advanced fitness levels looking to develop larger muscles from an existing training base. 

If you’re thinking about taking your fitness up a notch with a six-day split, keep in mind that it’s no walk in the park. It’s challenging to stay motivated and injury-free. Find your motivation and stick to the training plan as rigidly as possible, as it’s designed to optimize the amount of time you have for recovery of each significant muscle group. You also need to make sure that you’re correctly warming up, stretching, cooling down, and recovering every day. 

To keep yourself motivated, include a wide variety of different exercises into the program each week. To give you an example, week one could make use of the free weights at the gym. Week two could utilize resistance training --using tools from HYGEAR -- at home before returning to the gym on week three. 

If you need help choosing the workouts, HYGEAR can help with our hundreds of available on-demand workout programs led by expert trainers to build strength, endurance, and total body fitness. HYGEAR Gear 1 is a total workout system that replaces traditional gym equipment and personal training, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars while adding portability and versatility. If your goal is to start on a great six-day workout split -- HYGEAR can get you there.  



Bottom Line 

The six-day workout split isn’t exactly a training schedule that’s easy on the body. In fact, it’s grueling. It’s an intense workout regimen that takes a lot of time and massive commitment over many weeks to come. We really can’t stress enough that this isn’t a training program for fitness newbies. Six-day workout splits include an advanced training schedule for serious body mass builders. 

If you’re just starting on your fitness journey, you need to train using three-, four-, and five-day splits before diving headfirst into a six-day split. The key here is to learn how your body recovers best from intense workouts, and you need to refine your movements, techniques, and exercises. Get creative and try moves that your body isn’t ultimately used to making out. Incorporating new exercises and movements -- like with resistance training -- will help to keep your muscle-building from plateauing!

But suppose you’re at the right stage of your training with your natural fitness routines and want to see exponential growth and development -- in that case, a great six-day workout plan could be the next step you need to continue sculpting your body to meet your personal fitness goals. 

Ready to amp up your workout routine and build some serious muscle mass? HYGEAR Gear 1 can help. Whether you’re looking to start on a three-, four-, five-, or six-day workout split, HYGEAR has everything you need to make your fitness dreams a reality. 

Check out HYGEAR today and start getting results. 


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